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Who is Lilly Walters?

Personal message from Lilly Walters - One Hand Typist

At this site I review many one hand typing systems and keyboard layouts.
HOWEVER, to be a GREAT typist, with one hand, you do NOT need a one hand keyboard.
It is not the violin you buy which makes you a great violinist. It is the hours of practice and the quality of the tutor which will make you great at anything - regardless of how many hands you are working with or the instrument on which you are typing.
I know, I am a one handed typist. I lost most of my left hand in a forklift accident when I was 10. Today I do from 40 - 80 wpm (depending on how much coffee and sleep I've had) with just one hand on a standard NORMAL keyboard. (see video clip) I have authored and typed every word of 13 books, with the normal keyboard. I can go into any school, workplace or home, and sit down with others to play and work just as well as they do. Competing with my two handed friends, on their ground, with their terms.
Do you have two hands? Are you a speed touch typist? Is it because of the keyboard you use? Or is it because you LEARNED HOW TO TYPE? A skill which takes hours of practice, just as any learned skill does.
Typing is a skill which does us well in school and when we want to get a job. We are much more valuable when we can walk into the workplace and sit down at their computers and work with happy ease. Compare that to dragging in a $900 alternative keyboard, "Which of course you won't mind fixing when it breaks?" (And, by the way, they do mind!) They especially mind when they you will be typing slower than if you LEARNED TO TYPE using the normal keyboard with one hand.
I sell most of the one handed keyboards below. I sell them to adults who have actually practiced using a one hand typing tutor on a normal computer and just don't like it.
But, I  feel so strongly that a one hand keyboard is the wrong option for children, I will not sell them to that market. This site will review each of the options for one hand typists with pros and cons, so you can see if you agree.
As a one handed typist, I know you will type faster and feel better about yourself using the keyboard the other kids are using.
I welcome your calls, and e-mails.
- Lilly Walters,
Internationally acclaimed author and one-handed typist

Phone: 909-398-1228, E-mail Lilly@aboutonehandtyping.com


There are 9 options for those of us who need to type with one hand.
Childsize One Handed Keyboard for Little Fingers
Bat One Handed Keyboard
One Hand Typing and Keyboarding - desk and keyboard to type with one hand One Hand Keyboard
One Hand Dvoark For One Handed Typing
Half Qwerty One Hand Keyboard
FrogPad One Handed Keyboard
Maltron One Handed Keyboard
Half QWERTY Half Keyboard

Who is Lilly Walters?

An expert on one hand typing, and one handed keyboards

uthor of many of the best-selling books for professional public motivational and business speakers and lecturers

Face Painter in Claremont, California.

She is married to Martin Schermerhorn, who is

Polygraph lie detector tests is Los Angeles, California

One of a Kind Burl Wood Fountain, Roller ball, Ball Point, and Mechanical Pencils

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Tips for Police Officers To Type With One Hand
Tips for Police Officers To Type With One Hand