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You cannot use most laptops for a one handed typist. First, left me explain the problem.

If you were using two-hands, the keyboard would center straight out from your belly button - the middle of your body. The screen would be right in back on that. So, you would have a straight line from your belly button, to through the center of the keyboard, to the center of the screen. HOWEVER, in ONE HAND TYPING the keyboard is offset to the side, depending on which hand the typist uses. If you use the right hand, it offsets to the right. If you use the left hand, it will offset to the left.

You center 'HOMEBASE,' on the keyboard, (HOMEBASE is the four keys in the very center of all the letters - F G H J) just about straight out from your hip.

To find just the right place for your keyboard, sit at your work area, and allow your arms to hang down. Keeping your elbow pressed lightly at your side, take your typing arm and lift just the lower arm up naturally. Keep the elbow at your waist. Your arm should not be reaching forward, left, or right. Ideally, it is also not reaching upwards, but coming straight out.

Position the keyboard so the F G H J keys on the keyboard are directly under your hand.

Laptops are great, because of their portability. However, you must then move the entire device to the right, or left to center in front of the arm of your more able hand. This means the screen is no longer directly in front of your eyes.

HOWEVER!!! With the advent of tablets and wireless keyboards, you can put everthing in the right place for one handed typing. Just check your tablet to make sure it will take a wireless keyboard connection. Most of these are NOT childsize.

It is very difficult to get a tabet with a keyboard that disconects from it ... but still allows you to type.

NORMAL Mini Childsize Keyboards,
for One Hand Typists
and those with Small Hands

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2 Types of
One Hand Typing

  • Book
  • Manual on CD (Mac or PC)

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What's New?

One Hand Typing and Keyboarding & Resources on CD

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1) Many versions of One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manuals: some to practice on screen, and one to print

2) One Handed Office Professional eBook: How To Be The Most Productive Person in Your Office

3) Scores of resources from all of the Internet

Laptops for One Handed Typists!

Finally! There are laptops for one handed typists!

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