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One Handed Maltron Left Handed and Right Handed Keyboards


The Maltron uses an entirely different keyboard arrangement. They have one handed keyboards for the left, or right hand.

Maltron Right Handed One Handed KeyboardMaltron Left Handed Keyboard for One Hand

Advantages of Using The Matron One Handed Keyboards (from their advertisements)

  • The Matron One Handed Keyboard is Portable
  • The Matron One Handed keyboards have Push-On Push-Off keys for Shift, Control and Alt functions;
  • For intensive number work the number pad numbers are also grouped on the letters keys.
  • Either letters or numbers may be immediately selected by pressing a separate button.

Disadvantages of Using The Maltron One Handed Keyboards

  • Although they say it is faster, the majority of users are slower than those who use One Hand Qwerty
  • If Maltron goes out of business and your Maltron One Handed Keyboard breaks, how will the One Handed Maltron user type?
  • Although portable, the user needs to carry their keyboard with them to every job, class, or home they go to, rather than using the normal keyboard the others are using.
  • There are not many users who actually become adept at using the Maltron, it is hard to be sure, but it seems be to slower trying to type on a Matron One Handed Keyboard than learning to actually type (type without looking by touch typing) on the normal keyboard.

I am a one-handed typist. I strongly feel if you have good use of one hand, you must first try to learn a system which enables you to work study, and play on a standard, normal keyboard. In the long run you will type fast and have a skill which you can use at school, work and at play. This one hand typing system is called One Hand QWERTY. This method teaches the one hand user to type on a normal keyboard, with one hand, just as fast as he would on an adaptive keyboard.
Speaking as an adult who once was that 10 year old fighting the stuff that goes on in the mind of a young person with a hand disability, I know it is MANDATORY that you do NOT try alternatives to the standard keyboard if the child has full use of one hand. Child typists and Assistive Technology and Adaptive Keyboards

Overview - Adaptive Keyboards For One Hand Typing